I’m a mom, a single one who works full time. My daughter is an only child and she rocks my world. I believe the network of friends and family that hold me together are some of God’s greatest gifts to me.

I struggle with perfectionism and a veiled form of pride and shame that quietly wage war against the vulnerability and authenticity for which I yearn and strive.

But I am a figure on God’s great canvas and He edits me with every brush stroke.

This blog is my witness through a world I hope to to more bravely explore with each day, with more wonder than knowledge, with more boldness than fear, with more love than judgement.

This blog is inspired by Five Minute Fridays… and a place to practice letting go of perfection and judgement and shame and embrace vulnerability and authenticity for just 5 minutes a little more often than weekly.

Sometimes I have more to say than 5 free-written minutes will allow me to express… and when I find those moments and thoughts, I’ll stick them in “Beyond 5.”

Perhaps you’re stopping in… or perhaps you are part of my journey… but either way, I welcome you with love and acceptance and wish you grace, peace, and joy from within.


PS While, yes, I am aware of the “meaning” behind the lyrics to the song “I got five on it,” in this case, we’re just talking about minutes and I just happen to have a thing for using hip hop lyrics for kicks 🙂