Faith Unchecked

It’s not the first time anyone has argued that we take a lot of things “on faith”… but the things that are life or death – like a parachute, an airplane, drinking water quality, various medical things – we have built methods for double-triple-quadruple checking… because it’s THAT important…
If we wouldn’t leave life or death matters unchecked, how in the world would it ever seem appropriate to leave our FAITH unchecked… especially if one truly believes “eternity” is on the line…
And I think that is at the root of a whirlwind of “faith stuff” in my life the past few months… I am fully infused with the “feeling” that I have been given enough “information” to confidently bridge the gap with “faith” but I know rolling with that perspective unchecked (from all angles, and with absolute integrity and vulnerability) is deadly and always will be. We could expect to grow as much from that as we could have grown by continuing to assume the world was flat. God may very well be infallible.. but Man? Man gets things wrong all the time…
Explaining this approach to a friend a few weeks ago he said “oh, you’re being a Berean, that’s good”… I don’t know much about the Bereans other than they are said to be a good example of responding to the gospel via fact-checking through the Old Testament… maybe some christians don’t see that their true value might have simply been the willingness to fact-check, period… maybe if the Bereans had had more than the Old Testament to go off of, they would have.
I’ve never felt like I had enough information to make the very big decision to believe or not… not deciding (as I was warned by a close friend 5+ years ago!) is also a decision. In the same vein, so is continuing to uphold a decision. We can only go on as much information as we have at any given time… and not being many years invested in a set of beliefs definitely makes this a lot easier on my end today. I hope (and purposefully aim, partially through this entry) to not lose sight of that 10, 20, 30, 40+ years down the road, and that this willingness to check against what I know and learn (including against my own investment bias that will surely develop over the years) becomes acceptable and encouraged throughout churches, cultures, and people everywhere.


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