Five MInute Friday Topic: “Present”

A warm hello to Lisa-Jo and her merry band of 5 minute free writing Flash-Mobbers. I am excited to join the party. You can learn more here: 

This week’s topic is “Present”

Present (v) – you present something to someone/people… you show them or give it to them or something is presented to you or presents itself

Present (n) – 1) a gift: give someone a present

Present (n) – 2) refers to right now: live in the present

Present (adj) – describing something or someone is there: he was present

It’s interesting that this homonym represents a few different things, isn’t it? Or is it? Perhaps if we think about presence, it’s a state or even a feeling of being “there” “now” physically or otherwise. What a gift we have that things we love and cherish do not disappear moments after we experience them. And yet, what a gift we have in the opportunity to think nothing of yesterday or tomorrow, but just soak in and experience any moment we are currently in! 

***How can time be up already??? Someone tell me this gets easier, will ya!***



3 responses to “Five MInute Friday Topic: “Present””

  1. shai says :

    I just did my first 5 minute post today! I am hoping it gets easier too haha! I was like wait can’t I just have another minute. But great post!

    • smcgintysd says :

      I really feel like we should get 2 wrap-up minutes but I suppose I can make my own rules up on my other posts! Today was my first as well! I’ll check yours out… I’m sure it’s wonderful!

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