Five Minute Friday: Last

My heart aches to understand why a certain love didn’t last… but it hopes for a love that lasts in the future.

This Friday is my last day amongst an office of new friends, and my daughter’s last day with a teacher with whom she has spent two months and come to love… but I am comforted to know it’s not the last time we’ll say goodbye and our memories will last a lifetime.

Five minutes will never cover the bits of empty and ache that last has left me…. nor will it cover the fulfillment of friendships, family, and memories that have lasted through beautifully turbulent times.

Sometimes we think about how we want to leave lasting impressions or how we should end all of our interactions with kindness and love… just in case it’s the last we ever get to say to that person.

It’s incredible to me how “last” can leave a hole in one’s heart and yet lasting, particularly lasting love, can fill it.

And while this FMF post is short of a full five minutes, I can’t imagine how different and plain “last” might feel without the voice of Etta James… “At Last”




3 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Last”

  1. seespeakhearmama says :

    Hi! Stopping by from Five Minute Friday! I love how God has so much to say and how uniquely He says it as we each respond to the weeks prompt. I have to go back up and count how many times you were able to use the word or form of the word “last”. You really covered so much feeling, giving a beautiful depth to the prompt. Very creative response. Have a great weekend!

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