Five Minute Friday: Together

Writing today from a cabin up in Palomar, with the kind of quiet you can taste, as a group of women chat and share their hearts to celebrate 40 amazing years of an amazing friend, Lori. And when I saw Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday topic, I knew it was meant just for our friend and I thought “God’s really showing off today.” We’ve all been asked to share our favorite memories of her today. It’s impossible to pick one, but this FMF is dedicated to her. Love you, Lori!!!

Everything I Needed to Know about Together I Learned from Lori

Together is love. Together is covenant. Together is not doing it alone, because no one was meant to do this on their own. Together is His design.

Together is the ultimate accomplice in pulling off a surprise wedding to bring two people together, and being there again when that marriage ended, to mourn the loss together. Before I made a matron of honor speech for my best friend five days later, she helped me pull it together. And in the years that followed, she was there to help me keep it together.

Together is a collection of memories and documenting the development of a child, enjoying her delight in pumpkin patches and petting zoos. Together is chosen family showing up on your first married Thanksgiving and in your first divorced apartment.

Together is a creative session and inspiring each other, even hair-brained overly complicated 3Day donor thank you notes.

Over heartaches, pains, memories, and shames, and returns to His Kingdom, we’ve cried together.

Over escaping the perils of the 3am-last-leg-of-the-road-trip shark apparition that turned out to be a Best Western sign, Whose line is it Anyway, Lime-a-mole, an evening with Colin and Brad, and a very confused Tio Leo’s waitress we’ve laughed together.

Together is together even when you’re apart. Together is a handmade card in the mail for an obscure holiday, with a message that still brings you a tear and then a laugh as you exclaim “Darn that Lori! Over-achiever!” Together is knowing you’re never alone, even when you think you are.
To celebrate an extraordinary and compelling life we’ve all been inspired to live, we’ve come together, we’ve been brought together… by Lori.

Humble as Lori is, she might sometimes think her impact is small… but we all know that Lori’s special exemplar of together runs deep within her and she plants the seeds deep within us.

One of my favorite tag-lines is “We belong to each other… together we can do hard things.”
But Lori teaches us that together we can also do beautiful things. Together we can do bold things. Together we can do warm things, creative things, thoughtful things. And particularly in this very broken world, together we can do healing things… And there is no better reason for together than that.


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