get this party started…

By now you’re probably starting to wonder if you’ve stumbled upon the blog of a person who was just looking for a place to randomly use lines from hip hop songs and you have no idea what this is really about. Well, truth be told, I do love to throw an unexpected hip hop song line or reference out where I can, and I have no idea what this blog is about either.

What I do know is that I was inspired. A beautiful path of followed links during some deep self-discovery led me mainly to a book and a blog. The book is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It’s stunning and just might change the way you see the world… and in addition, it’s a delightful read. The blog belongs to Lisa Jo Baker and she has started a beautiful movement where she posts a topic every Friday and her daring, bold, faithful followers free-write on that topic for 5 minutes, give feedback to the person who posted prior, and post their creation for all to see (you can find out more at

The book, and recent re-discovery of faith, brought to light what a valuable exercise this would be for someone like me… and perhaps I could practice this bold, unedited authenticity more than once per week. The exercise certainly seems worth the try!  So this blog is born… and I hope to fill it with many minutes of bold vulnerability!


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